Daniel Brenman
Facilities and Equipment Director daniel@funtasticplaycenters.com

Daniel Brenman has worked in the US commercial recreation industry for the past 23 years. He came to the USA in 1982 from the UK and, deciding to stay here, he chose to go into business for himself. He began importing a unique range of inflatable play equipment specifically for use in commercial swimming pools as well as now more well known land inflatables – also in their infancy back in 1984.

He quickly saw how children from diverse families naturally gathered and played well together, often for hours on end.  By the mid 1990s, communities became concerned about the lack of safe playing areas for their youngsters. This reinforced his conviction that providing safe, imaginative, challenging and unique indoor play opportunities for young children was a viable business.

Today Daniel specializes in creating indoor playgrounds integrating a variety of differing play “media”. Thus offering children opportunities for individual expression, cooperative & imaginative play, cognitive and gross motor skill development all while PLAYING with one another.

Undirected play encourages children to learn how to cooperate, share with one another, and to resolve their own conflicts and advocate for themselves.  Funtastic Play Centers provide an outstanding environment for the overall growth and well being of our children and Daniel is extremely thankful for this opportunity to work with all of our partners and bring his unique perspective to FPC Inc.,

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