Funtastic Play Centers offer parents and children the finest in state-of-the-art INDOOR PLAY equipment and activities! Please feel free to bring your children to our facility on their own or as part of a group. Our indoor OPEN PLAY sessions are designed to accommodate your busy schedule by allowing your children to play from opening to closing time or to drop in at any time of the day.

Delight your child with a visit to our unique indoor playground. Our facilities feature an exciting mix of modular play equipment in a specially designed soft play area. See our Rules for Safe Play.

Our equipment is designed to encourage and enhance motor skills development in a fun filled atmosphere where children get to explore, climb, slide, traverse tunnels, and construct their own modular designs with a variety of large soft shapes and building blocks.

Our soft play environment features:

  • Single and multi-level climbing equipment.
  • Building areas for imaginative & cooperative play.
  • Rope climbing equipment.
  • Puzzles for problem solving activities.
  • Manipulative devices for fine motor development.
  • Balance beams and steppingstones.

Why Active Playtime
is Critically Important for Children

Numerous studies have shown that active playtime is a major determining factor in the social, emotional, physical, and mental development of children. Many child development specialists believe that children who are denied adequate active playtime in their childhood years may grow up to become adults who lack many of these essential skills. Contrary to popular belief, playtime is not merely the opposite of the tasks parents expect their children to complete as part of their home and school activities. Instead, appropriately structured playtime promotes imagination and creativity, self-esteem, abstract thinking, problem solving, cooperation and empathy for others, and language and social skills.

In addition, the play center equipment is a wonderful way for children to engage in physical exercise and learn basic motor skills that are not traditionally taught in organized sports. By making exercise fun, active play encourages them to continue with physical activity throughout their lives after they learn that organized sports are not the exclusive outlet for physical exercise.

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